Disco FAQ's

Here are all the most asked questions about booking a disco, If you have any questions about booking a disco that haven't been answered please contact Jenny or Ben

How Long Does It Take To Set Up & Dismantle?

We like to give ourselves 1.30hrs to set up and dismantle to make sure everything is in place for the event and to make sure at the end everything is safe whilst exiting.

Do You Charge For The Set Up & Dismantling Time?

We have a fixed price and agree the time scheduled in advance. We are however, bound by the venue license so it is important to check with the Function Manager the time schedule for last orders, finish and venue exit/lock up times.

Do You Take Requests On The Night At The Party?

We do take requests on the evening and will work with you and your guests on playing the requested music. However, there are no guarantees that we will play all requests due to trying to fit them into our performance at that given time depending.

Can We Choose What Music Can Be Played?

With all our clients for any event we send an All Stars Mobile Disco favourites sheet out along with the paper work so you can fill in your top 20 favourites and that gives us an idea your individual requirements and we can personalise your special day/evening.

What If I Have More Than 20 Songs That I Want Played?

If there are more than 20 songs that you want played and 20 aren't enough on the top 20 favourite's sheet we can make special arrangements depending on the event. We normally say 20 songs purely because we want to make sure all songs mix and we can incorporate into the music schedule without disappointment.

How Many Songs Do You Bring Out On An Event?

We use various music media and have a catalogue of over 25,000 tracks to select.

We pride ourselves on NOT having a pre-programmed schedule; we enjoy and act on the crowd participation and party atmosphere. Thus ensuring that the party is catered for every night is different and every client request can vary.

What If The DJ Is Running Late Due To Traffic Or Breaking Down?

We are part of an affiliation called South East Disco Association. We abide by a code of conduct and regulations. This also gives us a database of reserve DJ's that can step in if we are unable to attend due to an emergency or sickness occurs. Rarely we are late and allow in journey planning a great deal of time for any traffic or events outside our control.

What Happens If There Is A Power Cut?

We need to know if the venue has a sound limiter so that we can ensure the right music level. If there is a power cut due to any reason we will resume play ASAP.

South Eastern Discotheque Association
Produb Licence
Musicians Union